Morning Pages

morning pages

Remedy for over thinkers What are morning pages you ask?  They are something for improving productivity, a way to express yourself, a method of planning, and an easy way to clear your head.  For each person they are rewarding in a slightly different way.  For myself my this daily habit … Continue reading

Paintings: Voyage


Voyage This was the first picture I took upon arriving in Paris in 2015.  A dream I had been imagining and working towards for a long time.  This was my proof that Paris was finally a reality.  ‘Voyage’ is named for travel.  You see the giant taxi sign, flags of … Continue reading

Mamnoon Restaurant, Seattle


Modern Union of Middle Eastern Cuisines When walking around Seattle exploring the sights, one is bound to find themselves pretty hungry after a while.  So after a long time of walking around the Pikes place market, hiking up the hills, laying in a park playing cards in the sun; it … Continue reading

Mirko’s Chocolate Salami

The perfect chocolate dessert I love chocolate.  I love chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, and chocolate tarts.   So when I met Mirko, an exchange student from Italy who brought me ‘chocolate salami’ I knew it would be good.  Now don’t be alarmed there is no meat in this dessert, it is … Continue reading

Being an Exchange Student


Going Abroad Being an exchange student.  This means different things to different people.  For me I have both been an exchange student, hosted an exchange student, and befriended many exchange students.  You can go abroad all over the world and experience a completely different life.  What does this mean you … Continue reading

Reims Cathedral

Church lights france

The Cathedral Light Shows in France Before coming to France I had never heard of a cathedral being lit up with a color show.  Little did I know that even existed.  So when my amazing host family told me they would be taking me to a special cathedral lights show … Continue reading