About me


Hi, I’m Summer!  I’m a crazy, scatterbrained, adventurer who has been bitten by the travel bug and loves to live on the wild side.  I have been traveling the world for over three years, and I love it!  I’ve visited over 21 different countries, and more are on the way.  I published my first children’s book A Dog for the Holidays.  I am currently working on editing the first book in my series ‘Summer’s Adventures’  the book will be called Starting To Soar and it is the true story about before I started traveling, and how I got to where I am today.  I love speaking at events about my travels and the different funny things that have happened during them.

It’s rare to find me without my camera, and I love to share my travel stories and tips to others.  I hope you enjoy my blog, and make sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletters!  Thanks for joining me on my adventures, Summer style (haha okay, that was a little cheesy)! 😉

Summer Barcenas