Mamnoon Restaurant, Seattle


Modern Union of Middle Eastern Cuisines When walking around Seattle exploring the sights, one is bound to find themselves pretty hungry after a while.  So after a long time of walking around the Pikes place market, hiking up the hills, laying in a park playing cards in the sun; it … Continue reading

Le Petit Pontoise, Paris

fois gras

Dining in Paris Something you have to try while in France is a traditional French meal.  Well… I have the perfect restaurant for you.  It is called Le Petit Pontoise and located nearby the Notre Dame.  I have to say it may be one of the best restaurants I have … Continue reading

Arrowhead Chocolate Shop

Arrowhead Chocolates

Joseph Oregon If you know of Joseph Oregon then you know what an adorable little town that it is.  The downtown is one road and has more charm then you could ever imagine.  There are metal sculptures of eagles, wolves, and bikes.  The views of the mountains are beautiful, and … Continue reading

Walla Walla Bread Company

Walla Walla Bread Company

A Taste Of Walla Walla Walla Walla, hearing this name you wouldn’t really think it was a real town name, but it is!  Walla Walla is a quaint little touristy town with MANY wineries, beautiful scenic country roads, and a place home to may wonderful restaurants.  After exploring Walla Walla … Continue reading

Red Horse, Joseph Oregon

The Red Horse Menu

Red Horse During  my time in Oregon I was told about an amazing little bakery by several people.  So when I was in Joseph Oregon, I couldn’t wait to try it.  Spoiler alert: it was DELICIOUS!  It was hard to chose what to have from the menu because everything sounded … Continue reading

Vino Mio, Malaga Spain

Mango mousse Vino Mio spain

Vino Mio A while ago I was able to go to the restaurant Vino Mio.  Don’t you just love that name?  I was so excited to see what the food and flamenco show were like.  We all went to Vino Mio for dinner after a long day exploring Malaga.  The … Continue reading

Paprika, Granada Vegan Restaurant

Paprika daily special

Paprika, Granada Happy Valentines day to everyone!  This Valentines day, my family and I ate out at the vegan restaurant Paprika.  We had been excited to go to Paprika for days and were curious about how it would be. One step into Paprika and I already loved the place!  With … Continue reading

Charlotte Gastrobar and Cafe, Malaga

Charlottes tartar tomatoes, avacado, tuna

Charlotte Gastrobar and Cafe Is there any better way to end a day exploring a city than enjoying some exquisite local food? After spending the day in Malaga we stopped by the local gastrobar Charlotte for a relaxing evening and good food. Were not in the least disappointed. Charlotte had … Continue reading

La Pizzateca, Madrid Spain

La pizzateca truffle and mushroom pizza and potato and truffle pizza

A couple of days ago while I was in Madrid I had the wonderful chance to stop by La Pizzateca. La Pizzateca is a small restaurant with pizza, calzones, lasagna, and more! They have pizza that is pre-made and after you order it is warmed up in the oven so … Continue reading